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Selected Aphorisms

"Art is a kind of religion whose aim is the elevation of thought."
-Paul Cezanne

"To achieve progress nature alone counts, and the eye is trained through contact with her."

"I must always work, but not to achieve a final polish, which is for the admiration of imbeciles. And this thing which is so commonly appreciated is only the accomplishment of artisan's skill and makes every work resulting from it inartistic and vulgar."
-Paul Cezanne

"One is neither too scrupulous, nor too sincere, nor too submissive before nature, but one is more or less master of one's model and above all the means of expression."
-Paul Cezanne

"What interests me most is expressing what's in nature, in the visible world, that is."
-Giorgio Morandi

"A work of art is one of mystery, the one extreme magic..."
-Truman Capote

"The opposite of every great idea is another great idea."
-Niels Bohr

"People today treat the past with a contempt it does not deserve and the present with a respect it deserves even less."
-Bertrand Russell

"Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age."
-Albert Einstein

"I believe that the great painters, with their intellect as master, have attempted to force the unwilling medium of paint and canvas into a record of their emotions. I find any digression from this large aim leads me to boredom. "
-Edward Hopper

"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint."
-Edward Hopper

"Let us speak of perfection, we shall get ourselves rather disliked."
-Ezra Pound

"Art is news that stays news."
-Ezra Pound

"Look, and look and look until you are blind with looking. And then you will see."
-Bernard Berenson

"God the greatest artist was clumsy."

"One of poshlost's (poshlost is a Russian word which means "...corny trash, vulgar cliches, Philistinism in all its phases, imitations of imitations, bogus profundities, crude, moronic...") favorite breeding places has always been the Art Exhibition: there it is produced by so-called sculptors working with the tools of wreckers, building crankshaft cretins of stainless steel, Zen stereos, polystyrene stinkbirds, objects trouves in latrines, cannonballs, canned balls. There we admire the gabinetti wall patterns of so-called abstract artists, Freudian surrealism, roric smudges, and Rorschach blots -- all of it as corny in its own right as the academic "September Morns" and "Florentine Flowergirls" of half a century ago."
-Vladimir Nabokov

"Your work is both good and original, but, unfortunately, the good parts aren't original and the original parts aren't good!"
Samuel Johnson (in response to a young writer who had asked Johnson to judge his writing)



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