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Aaron Burgess was born in Seattle, Washington, February 28th, 1956.

Aaron attended public school in Enterprise, Oregon for the first five grades and then his family moved to Walla Walla, Washington where he continued to attend public schools until the age of fifteen. At that time he quit school to study art at home and read. Aaron's father is an artist, too, and he guided Aaron's studies.

When Aaron was 18 years old, Betty Feves, a ceramic sculptress and potter, invited him to study with her in her studio in Pendleton, Oregon, as her apprentice. Ms. Feves was a nationally known artist. She had studied art with Clifford Still in New York. Aaron worked with Ms. Feves for one year.

Aaron and his brother, Jess, co-wrote and recorded numerous songs over a period of 18 years (from 1974 - 1991). They produced a cassette of a selection of their songs in 1991.

Aaron has a hand-built, primitive, bonfire pot in the permanent collection of the Henry Gallery at the University Of Washington in Seattle. Whitman College (in Walla Walla) possesses a collection of Aaron's paintings which are exhibited in the Reid Center and in the Memorial Building on Whitman's campus.

Aaron continues to study and paint in Walla Walla, Washington where he lives with his wife, Katy and their cat, Mo.


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